Less Mess Craft: Cotton Balls

We are leaving on Sunday for a week to go look for our new house.  I am super excited about it except for the part about flying with 2 small kids, or the almost 2 hour drive from the airport to the hotel, or staying in a hotel for a week, or the packing OH THE PACKING!  I do not like packing.  I believe I have myself and the children packed and ready, my husband is on his own.  I tried to get most of it done when my kids were sleeping but that doesn’t always work.  Like I said before I spend some quality time with them, then allow them to play alone so I can jam as much crap into a suitcase as I can as fast as possible.

I figured now would be as good a time as any to break out a sensory bin I have been holding on to.  Now you know how I feel about messy crafts so let me assure you this one was so not messy.  Better yet it only cost me about $3.  Items needed: cotton balls, plastic bowls, spoons, ladles, and plastic cups.

Cotton ball sensory activity

It doesn’t get much easier than that folks!  My kids loved it!  They spent at least a half hour scooping, dumping, pouring, and rolling in the cotton balls.  Just more proof that you don’t need to buy pricey toys to keep you children happy.

Dumping cotton balls everywhere

Now I will admit I did have to vacuum up some of the fuzzies left on the carpet after this little activity, but I was going to vacuum today anyway.  And honestly, I will break out the vacuum if it will buy me a few minutes of peace and quiet.

More cotton balls

Did I mention how much L loved it?  She was rubbing the cotton balls on her face saying “Den telllle” (Gentle for those of you that don’t speak toddler.)  Eventually they were all over the floor and she was rolling in them.

I will so be doing this again! After they were done we picked all the cotton balls up and stuffed them back into the resealable bag, how perfect.  I am hoping to save this idea for another day when I need a few minutes to make dinner, because dinner time is always a crazy time around here. If you have any great less mess crafts to share please feel free!

I will be house shopping at next week, so have a great week and Happy Easter!

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