Seeing it from his side

Last night my husband stayed home with the kids so I could go out with some friends for sushi, it’s the only weekend I will have time before we move.  He was glad to give me a small break because he had spent the day getting ready to leave for 6 days on a business trip.  I hate it when he has to travel.  He only travel a few times a year, but the kids and I miss him like crazy.  I also hate it when he travels because I am the Mom and the Dad for a few days, as if being one parent isn’t hard enough.

When I got home everyone was asleep, tiptoeing in the dark I tripped over his luggage and I was immediately angry.  Not because he had placed his suitcase right in front of the bathroom door, but because it reminded me he was leaving.  As I was wiping of my make up I thought about how jealous I was that he would be in a conference room all day with to caterer meals.  After the conference he would head out for a few drink and dinner with some coworker, then back to his room to watch TV without interruption.  I would kill to eat 3 meals a day period, forget about gourmet dinners and martinis.  I crawled into bed and tried to forget about his trip… with no luck.

This morning I woke up still a little pissed off.  We drank our coffee and I tried not to let it show.  He spent most of his morning hanging out with G, watching cartoons, playing cars, and rough housing.  He even asked me to wake L up early so he could hang out with her too.  I knew it!  He felt guilty about all the fun he was going to have too!  I imagined him on the plane listening to his Ipod and relaxing; not handing our kids snacks or balancing 674832060 toys and a DVD player like I have to do when I fly with the kids.  I imagine him having time in the airport to get a coffee and read the paper while waiting for his plane, maybe he will have time to take a nap today so he doesn’t get jet lagged??  There is no nap in my schedule.  Why does he get to be the cool career guy?  Why does he get to go to big conferences and mingle with other adults?

When he was ready to leave he loaded the car and came back in to say goodbye to us.  The kids were waiting at the top of the stairs and L shouted  “Daddy, dadddyyyyy” the minute he came in from the garage, like he had been gone for ages.

“Are you going to work Dad” G asked.

“Well sort of, I am going on an airplane and I’ll be back in a few days.”

“Can I come?”

“No buddy you can’t”

“But why? I wannnttt to come with you.”

My husband tried to scoop G up, but now G was running down the hall yelled “I’m getting my shoes, I want to come too.”

I looked at my husbands face, a man who NEVER show emotion, and I knew his heart was breaking.  He held L and squeezed her tight; he laughed when he asked for a kiss and she puckered up and planted one on him.  He hugged G and told he would be home soon and he was sorry he had to go.  He told both kids he loved them and to stand at the window and he would wave to them as he drove out.  We hugged and he said “Why do they have to make it so hard?  I miss you guys already.”  All I could do was squeeze him tighter and try to hide my tears.

I watched the kids wave good-bye and shout “I love you Daddy” as he drove away and I thought about how I felt.  All morning I had thought about all the things he was going to GET to do, but I had not thought about all the thing he was going to MISS.  He was going to miss sleepy morning smuggles and tight goodnight squeezes.  He was going to miss blueberry yogurt covered faces and bath time splashes.  He was going to miss watching Discovery Channel and sharing popcorn with his buddy.  He was going to miss laying down in bed at night with the one he loves and waking up to the sound of “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy are you up?”  He was going to miss L saying all her new words and G counting to 10.  He was going to miss all the tantrums and all the funny things our kids do daily.   He was going to miss so much and I was pouting about missing out on a bagel tray for breakfast.  Really outs it in perspective doesn’t it?

I have received 5 texts from my husband since he left 5 hours ago.  Sometime I think we talk more when he is away because we realize how much we need each other to keep going.  He will call every night to talk to G about his and say goodnight.  We will all miss each other like crazy, but his job keeps us feed, clothed and a roof over our heads (and 2 weeks a year isn’t so bad.)  He will be back on Friday and until then I will be Mom and Dad, we will eat cheese and crackers for dinner at least once, we will go to the park a lot, and G will watch a little extra TV, and L might have to whine a bit while I fix dinner (unless we have cheese and cracker) and that is all okay.

Less Mess Craft: Cotton Balls

We are leaving on Sunday for a week to go look for our new house.  I am super excited about it except for the part about flying with 2 small kids, or the almost 2 hour drive from the airport to the hotel, or staying in a hotel for a week, or the packing OH THE PACKING!  I do not like packing.  I believe I have myself and the children packed and ready, my husband is on his own.  I tried to get most of it done when my kids were sleeping but that doesn’t always work.  Like I said before I spend some quality time with them, then allow them to play alone so I can jam as much crap into a suitcase as I can as fast as possible.

I figured now would be as good a time as any to break out a sensory bin I have been holding on to.  Now you know how I feel about messy crafts so let me assure you this one was so not messy.  Better yet it only cost me about $3.  Items needed: cotton balls, plastic bowls, spoons, ladles, and plastic cups.

Cotton ball sensory activity

It doesn’t get much easier than that folks!  My kids loved it!  They spent at least a half hour scooping, dumping, pouring, and rolling in the cotton balls.  Just more proof that you don’t need to buy pricey toys to keep you children happy.

Dumping cotton balls everywhere

Now I will admit I did have to vacuum up some of the fuzzies left on the carpet after this little activity, but I was going to vacuum today anyway.  And honestly, I will break out the vacuum if it will buy me a few minutes of peace and quiet.

More cotton balls

Did I mention how much L loved it?  She was rubbing the cotton balls on her face saying “Den telllle” (Gentle for those of you that don’t speak toddler.)  Eventually they were all over the floor and she was rolling in them.

I will so be doing this again! After they were done we picked all the cotton balls up and stuffed them back into the resealable bag, how perfect.  I am hoping to save this idea for another day when I need a few minutes to make dinner, because dinner time is always a crazy time around here. If you have any great less mess crafts to share please feel free!

I will be house shopping at next week, so have a great week and Happy Easter!

Back from Florida

We made the trip tp and from Florida without any major mishaps and it was really fun.  The thought of flying with a toddler did not make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but Little Guy did great.  He slept part of the way, we read some books, and then we opened the BIG bag of snacks. 

On Monday we didn’t have much time after we arrived at the resort so we had dinner and ran around the great covered playground.  Tuesday we were up and out the door by 8:30 am on our way to Seaworld, which was a convient 5 minute walk from our resort.  We spent the day checking out the dolphins, penguins, polar bears, and we even had time to catch the dolphin show.  Little Guy cried through most of the dolphin show because it was so loud, but he really liked watching the macaws fly through the crowd.  After we made it back to the hotel we hung out at the pool.

Little Guy at the pool

Wednesday we headed to Animal Kingdom and I have to say to was a little disappointing.  Most of the animals were not visible and there was not a shaded area to be found.  They did have a nice kids play area that Little Guy loved and we had our pictures taken with Mickey, Minnie, Miss Bunny, and Goofy. 

On Thursday we went to Downtown Disney in the morning, back to the resort for a good long nap, then back to Seaworld in the evening.  At Seaworld we discovered a huge sandbox for the kids to play in and Little Guy spent an hour digging.  I think he may still have some sand in his shorts. 

Before we knew it out trip was over a we were on the plane ride home.

Vacation Prep

On Thursday Little Guy and I are leaving for spring vacation, we will spend Thursday thru Sunday at Grammy’s with Hubby.  On Monday Hubby goes home and we leave with Grammy, Aunt, and Cousins for Florida.  It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to get there.  All that being said I spent all day packing.  I am a list person, so to keep everything organized I made a list for each bag and I check items off as I put them in the bag.  I also bought a few things ahead of time so I don’t need to find a supermarket as soon as we arrive in Florida.  Snacks that don’t need refrigeration (goldfish, raisins, granola bars) are a smart pick because if you are staying in a tourist area groceries will be marked up, this goes for diapers too. 

Diaper Bag for the Plane:



empty sippy

baby trail mix (goldfish, raisins, graham crackers, Cheerios, and yogurt bites)

my wallet

Little Guy’s Birth certificate


lovie and paci


Our Suitcase:

7 outfits

2 sets PJ’s

2 pairs of shoes

2 bathing suits

2 jackets

5 pairs of socks


blanket & lovie

sound machine



 sun hat and sun glasses

Diapers & swim diapers

I think that about covers it and believe it or not I fit it all into 1 suitcase and it took me less than an hour because my list. 

We don’t have a definite schedule while we are there, but Seaworld and Animal Kingdom are on the list.  Mostly I just want to soak up some sun and enjoy the warm weather.  I will update  when we get back!