Less Mess Crafts

On a regular basis I feel the dreaded Mommy Guilt, not because I let the kids watch too much TV or because I forgot to buy their favorite snack at the store.  Mostly I feel the Mommy Guilt after I get finished reading some of my fav blogs.  Why? you ask.

It usually happens like this:

I am having my morning cup of coffee (or 3) and surfing the web for some fun ideas for the kids.  The first page I see has a giant photo of rainbow colored rice with 4 smiling faces sitting around it.  The children are happily dumping and pour the rice in and out of bins and cups.  I think I must read more, so I do.  I decide that this would be super easy and as I am turning around to add rice and food coloring to me grocery list it hits me “I am so not doing this.”  First of all the will create a HUGE mess in my house (which will be on the market soon.)  Next I think” where the heck will I store 2 giant bins of rainbow rice?”  Followed by “how on earth will I stop the little girl and the dog of eating a crap ton of uncooked rice?”  And really, isn’t this a waste of good rice?  Are there starving people somewhere that would be happy to eat this rice?  Hmmmmm?

So there you have it, I am officially the world’s worst mom because I refuse to let me kids have a rice sensory bin in the house.  Now this isn’t the only carft I have turned down do to making a huge mess, trust me there have been a few.  So if you feel like I do about vacuuming up rice for days I have created a list of a few less messy crafts below.

Shaving Cream Bath Tub Paint
Rainbow Noodles

Frozen Find Great for summer.

Spray Paint
And of course my go to crafts at home are: cutting paper, gluing shapes, stickers, coloring, painting, bead threading, and I have tome of foam crafts kits.
Feel free to post a link to any other you love in the comments!

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