Five books

Today has not been very awesome.  Last night we got some news about our house selling and it wasn’t very good.  It has really put a damper on all our spirits.  I was on the phone for 3 hours this morning trying to make sure where I needed to send funds, who would take care of what, and getting all our ducks in a row.  Meanwhile L was sleeping and G was watching too much TV.  By the time I got done on the phone I was totally spent, I had nothing left to give.

I dragged them out to run errands that Had. To. Be. Done. Today.  As you can imagine it didn’t go well and we all cried in the car on the way home.  I needed a good cry, I felt so much better after letting it all out.  We had lunch.  The kids played while I cleaned up and it was nap time, I was ready for nap time.  Not because they were being out of hand but because I needed to recharge my own battery with some crochet and music.  L went down without a problem and G was next.  We always do 2 books at nap time, today he had 5 picked out.  I wanted mommy me time more than ever but I decided that my sweet boy needed my more.  We cuddled and read all 5 books and again I cried.  How is it possible that 1 little child can bring me back to center in less than 10 minutes?  What magical powers do they posses?

I am tucking this little memory in my pocket so the next time I am trying to rush through bedtime to get away I can pull it out and remember how I felt hugging my little guy.  It only took 10 minutes of my time, and really what is 10 minutes?

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