Back to School and Getting on Schedule

Ahh yes, back to school time… G started last week and he loves it!  It’s only two days a week, but he is already learning so much and it’s nice for L and I have to have some one on one time.  Starting back to school also means getting back on a regular schedule and […]

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Labor Day Virtual 5 mile Recap

Yesterday I ran my first ever virtual run!  Laura from Mommy Run Fast was nice enough to organize the whole race for FREE.  I was also lucky enough to be able to run it with a member of my local Moms RUN This Town Chapter (Hi Angela.) We met up at 9:45 yesterday, it was […]

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Taking Care of Mom

Last night after getting both kids bathed and into bed I came downstairs looking ragged and worn out.  I looked at my husband and said “I am so exhausted.  I haven’t been this exhausted since… well, I guess yesterday.” And that about sums up my life as a stay at home mom to 2 kids […]

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Just Being- Update #1

I am so thrilled to have had such a great response to Just Be With Me, so I thought I should update you on how it’s going.  So far things are going okay.  I wish I could say that everyone is peachy, there have been no tantrums (by children or adults) and that I am […]

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Summer Mom Makeover 2012- Week 2- Are you picking your battles?

Yes, yes I know this is technically week 3 and I missed posting this last week… but life happens. My week three challenge is one that I have thought about long before I decided to create Summer Mom Makeover Picking your Battles.  Every mother had heard of it before, every mother has uttered it before […]

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Faux Ice Cream Sammies

Oh pinterest, what else can I say.  I saw yet again another fab recipe I had to try with the kids.  Almost no sugar ice cream grahamwiches, I know that most of you are not fans off anything low sugar… but these were worth making!  I followed her directions to a tee except for the […]

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Summer Mom Makeover 2012

A friend of mine mentioned how burned out she felt this month already and maybe we should do a parenting challenge for the rest of the month (Hi Jodiann!!!)  She mentioned she was listing the things she wanted to work on so she could look at them to remind herself of the parent she was […]

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