About Chrissy

Meet Chrissy

Welcome to Almost Supermom Fit! I’m a wife, a mother, a foodie, a horse lover, and a coffee connoisseur.  My family life keeps me busy.  I am constantly chasing my two beautiful children, they are the reason I wake up every morning.

My day is filled with carpools, cooking, kissing boo boos, packing lunches, and running errands. (Did you see how I left out housework? I hate house work.)  From the time my feet hit the floor I am on the go.  It’s easy to put yourself last, in fact I used to everyday.



Then one day…

Late in the afternoon I stood in my living room holding a crying baby, wearing 3 day old yoga pants and thinking I had to find a way to get my house in order.  Then I sat on the floor cradling that crying baby and I thought to myself… I have to get my LIFE in order. I had lost the one person I was closest to, myself.  She was stuck trying to be Supermom and she was failing miserably.

I picked my self up, baby puke stained yoga pants and all and I knew I had to find a way to get her back.  I started small.  I woke up early, got my workout in and enjoyed my coffee before the kids were awake.  I asked my husband for help (reluctantly, because it made me shamed I couldn’t handle it) and he picked up the slack.  I started letting go of the “mom guilt” that was weighing me down.


I am still a work in progress. My journey has helped my to realize that I am not alone, other women are a slave to the “mom guilt” as well.  I want to help other woman plan their path to a happier, healthier life.



2 thoughts on “About Chrissy

  1. Your about me page says it all … hardest, dirtiest and most rewarding job. Yup. : ) It’s great to connect with you. Thanks for popping by my Awesomely Awake project. Have a great day!

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