Getting crafty

By now Little Guy is able to do a few art projects, and I use the term “projects” loosely.  He mostly colors.  Since it was a nice day out yesterday I decided to break out the paint I have been holding off on and let him paint his pumpkin. ( He picked his own pumpkin last week and has been carrying it around our house ever since.)

We headed to the backyard and I use his Rubbermaid toy tote for a table, it made a nice wipe-able surface for cleaning later.  I brought out 2 paper plates to put paint on and a few brushes.  Since the pumpkin is already orange I opted to only give him blue and green paint to start with.  At first he wasn’t really sure what to do, but after mama showed him once he got the hang of it quickly.

Thinking about his design.

It was a fun art project, with minimal mess.  I did it outside so I could just hose everything off, but a paper towel did the trick.  I am hoping this leads us to do more fun crafts at our house.

Hey this is fun!

Do you have any good ideas for toddler crafts?  Please share them!




Finished product

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