Getting crafty

By now Little Guy is able to do a few art projects, and I use the term “projects” loosely.  He mostly colors.  Since it was a nice day out yesterday I decided to break out the paint I have been holding off on and let him paint his pumpkin. ( He picked his own pumpkin […]

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No bon bons here

Yesterday a friend of mine called and asked if we could meet for lunch Tuesday, when I told her I had to check my planner she laughed.  I told her I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we needed to pick another day and she laughed again saying “just cancel.”  Why would I cancel?  Why […]

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Is it spring yet?

The weather is finally starting to warm up a little and it just makes me want spring to get here faster.  Every morning I look outside and dream about starting my garden and playing in the yard with Little Guy.  I believe sunshine is the ultimate pick me up and I am desperately in need […]

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Weekend Fun

On Saturday we finally had some nice weather so we headed outside to soak up some sun.  Little guy is walking and trying to run all over the place and it was so much fun.  First we headed to the back yard to check out the mud, he really didn’t like stepping in it which is […]

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