Toddler woes and wonders

Little Guy is 19 months now and he is doing something new everyday; and it’s not always a good thing.  His language skills have really taken off and he can say about 30- 40 words without me prompting him and can put a few 2 or 3 word phrases together.  His phrases are mostly: “Bye mama, ” (or daddy or whoever) “Night daddy,” More peese,” “Oh my,” and “Here you go.”  Amongst his favorite words right now are: milk, more, bye, hi, mower, moomoo, tractor, and truck.   I love watching him sit and talk to the dog about whatever he talks about, it’s so funny.  BUT along with all this cute stuff comes some not so cute stuff.  Oh the toddler frustration, when something doesn’t go his way look out.  He cried yesterday for at least 20 minutes because he thought the wheel should come off his truck, they don’t, they never have.  He had a really hard time dealing with this issue so he did the only thing he knew how to do and screamed.  At one point a thought about tripping one of the wheels of just so he would stop, but decided that wasn’t the best idea.

During these meltdowns I try to comfort him and explain that sometimes things just don’t do what you want them to and it’s okay to be mad.  I wonder if he really understands me or if just sitting down with him makes all the difference.  Most days I don’t care as long as the tantrum stops, everyone is happy.

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