Work at home mama

I am at it again, trying to find the perfect work at home job for me.  It needs to have flexible hours, good pay, and be something I like to do. ” That’s not possible,” you say.  Well I say “yes it is.”  So I applied to 2 other transcription companies, a website testing gig, and an internet search company in hopes of earning a little extra cash.

I heard back right away from Appenscribe and I started work within a few days.  There is not a ton of work to be had, but it’s a filler for right now and I have been paid.  I am waiting to hear back from the other company and will let you know as soon as I find out what the work is like.  I am really enjoying the website testing, it’s a lot of fun and really super easy.  They give me a task and it records my voice as I go to the site and check it out, and the bonus is some of the site I will actually use again.

Of course I am still hard at work for Break Studios and Text Broker, both of which are awesome to work for.  I am getting faster with my research and earning more money each day.  I really love being a WAHM, it gives me a chance to feel like I am doing something other than changing diapers all day.

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