Clean House

I have tried several methods for organizing my chores, from daily 15 minute clean sessions to one day cleaning extravaganzas, and found none of them work for me.  I just decided to let life happen and see where chores fit in and to my surprise it was fairly easy to get everything done each week.  Here’s my schedule:

Monday- After little guy is sleeping iron shirts for hubby while we watch our favorite recorded TV shows.

Tuesday- Vacuum and mop all floor and clean bathrooms during nap time.  Occasionally I can vacuum while little guy is awake, it just takes 3 times as long.

Friday- Vacuum and mop all floors, dust, and clean kitchen during nap time.

Everyday I try to do 1 load of laundry and fold it after bedtime while hubby is glued to the TV.  Monthly I give the glass door and windows a wipe to remove finger and nose prints.  The rest of the time is free game to get work done or just relax.  It really has helped me to be a more relaxed and enjoyable person to be around knowing that it may not be spotless, but it’s good enough.

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