Get Outside

Today my kids get to leave school a bit early (thanks Grandparents day!) and I cannot wait to take them to the park.  Lately life has been so busy.  I have had a hard time being the mom.  I have had a hard time balancing work, kids, sports, my marriage, and keeping up my house. […]

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My All or Nothing Life

For as long as I can remember I have been living an “All or Nothing” life style, it covers every aspect of my life.  I want to do everything right the FIRST time!  I just want to make a plan, stick to it, and get my results… Like right now.  So you can see how […]

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As the new year is approaching I decided to create a calendar for myself that I could stick it.   The more time I spent working on it the more I thought “I bet other moms could use something like this.”  So, I took a little extra time a created a few Google docs to share.  […]

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Organized and Efficient

Since becoming a mom I have really gotten efficient with my time, because I have so little of it.  Today I mopped and vacuumed all the floors and cleaned 3 bathrooms in under an hour.  Before I would have put the task off and maybe cleaned a bathroom per day.  I don’t really have a […]

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Esty store up and running

I bit the bullet and got my new Etsy store Chris’ Cute Creations up and running.  My store features many styles of crochet hats, crochet headbands, tutus, hair clips, and elastic headbands.  Starting next Friday October 29th, 2010 I will run a one day only grand opening sale.  Most of my items will be only […]

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Work at home mama

I am at it again, trying to find the perfect work at home job for me.  It needs to have flexible hours, good pay, and be something I like to do. ” That’s not possible,” you say.  Well I say “yes it is.”  So I applied to 2 other transcription companies, a website testing gig, […]

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Working at Home- Update

Since my first post about starting my WAHM career I have not devoted as much time to it as I would have liked.  Being a WAHM is really hard.  I know, I know, no one said it would be easy.  So here are the facts: Writing Quicktate: Since March 1 I have devoted 1.5 hours to […]

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No bon bons here

Yesterday a friend of mine called and asked if we could meet for lunch Tuesday, when I told her I had to check my planner she laughed.  I told her I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we needed to pick another day and she laughed again saying “just cancel.”  Why would I cancel?  Why […]

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Working at home

Over the past few weeks I have found out just how hard working from home can be. I have been reading the forums at and I got some great ideas from the ladies there to get me started and their best advise has been “you get out what you put in.” I have to tell […]

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