Big Boy

It seem like only last month I was the mother of an infant that liked to be cuddled, wanted to be carried all around, loved to nurse, and didn’t mind ridding in his stroller.  Out of  nowhere here comes this Little Guy that drinks from a sippy cup, walks and/or runs all over the place, and won’t sit in a stroller unless he has a full bowl of snacks.  Dressing him in the morning is like wrestling an octopus, a very angry octopus and every diaper change is a challenge.  Who knew a toddler could be so strong?

Yet everyday is just so amazing, Little Guy has begun to sign a few things like eat, more, all done, and he will wave bye bye.  He can also say bye bye, dog, dad, mama, and nigh nigh. Toddlers are such busy bodies; once Daddy gets home he loves to play chase or ball and run outside.  He can empty an entire kitchen cabinet in less than a minute or call random people on my cel phone in a matter of seconds.  Wow what a change….  I miss my baby, but having a toddler that can express needs, wants, and emotions is pretty awesome.

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