Everything I know I learned from a Horse

I often feel discouraged as I am trying to wrangle my kids, like maybe I have lost my touch or something.  I used to be able to make 1000 pound animals obey with just a stern look or or light pressure to a shoulder.  What happened?  Why was working with the big beasts so much […]

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Summer Fun List for “The Not so Crafty Mom”

I keep seeing all these great Summer Fun Listsfloating around and they are pretty awesome.  Here is the problem I am having with some of them: they are for older kids, they cost a fortune, you must have an engineering degree to make it work, or they would take me all day to set up […]

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Not one size fits all

This morning I woke up to the sound of ran on my windows and it made me happy because we had NOTHING on our agenda.  It is rare that we have no place to be.  Drinking my coffee and browsing my fav blogs I can across this post and it made me smile, It made […]

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Weekly review

I decided I should take sometime and post weekly about the stuff that made me laugh and cringe. When I started this blog I wanted to be able to go back and read all about my life, then reality hit me and with 2 small kids I didn’t have much time to update.  Now is […]

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Winner of Giveaway 12/8/11

I have 2 winners, 1 new customer and 1 returning customer. Nicole  Carrier Melissa Nechitilo Please email me chrissyrardin@gmail.com and let be know of you would like a mama freebie or a baby freebie (If it is for baby please note gender and size)  Thanks! Advertisements

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Photo Friday

We had a great week this week.  Super busy but fun! Advertisements

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Product Review: Fleece Diaper Covers from Scooter McGrooter’s

I am a cloth diapering mom and with baby girl on the way I decided I need to add to my stash.  I prefer to use prefolds and one size covers so I don’t need as many and no stuffing pockets.  Since I also believe that supporting other WAHM is important too I headed to […]

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