Girl Scout Cookies

Why do the Girl Scouts sell so many cookies?  Is it because you can only buy them during a certain time of year?  Is it because they taste so delicious?  Is it because you just can’t say no to a little girl asking for money?  These are all options, but I can tell you a few reasons why I don’t love Girl Scout cookies.

First of all I can tell you they are kind of tasty, but they are not the best cookie I have ever eaten.  I would take a box of Oreos any day of a box of Girl Scout cookies.  I personally know people who might kill someone to get a box of thin mints, I am not this person and I don’t even like thin mints.  Every year I do buy a box or 2 mostly because I can’t say no to the little girl standing at my front door with doe eyes.  I figure these cookies are Not cheap but they go to a good cause, right?  Well they sort of go to a good cause.  I found out last year that the local troops only get 12%- 17% of the profit from each box sold.  After doing the math I figured they made about $.52 per box, that’s only $52.00 if your troop sells 100 boxes; which is why most troops set a lofty goal of 100 boxes per girl.  So this year a friend’s daughter came to our house selling cookies and I told her (and her mother) that I would like to get her troop the cash directly instead.  You would have thought I had ripped her heart out and stomped on it right there.  She informed me that if she didn’t sell X number of boxes she would not get her pin or badge.  She didn’t want to be the only girl who missed out, so would I just buy some cookies?  WOW, needless to say I bought 2 boxes.  I guess the selling if Girl Scout cookies will continue for years to come.


One thought on “Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Jen L says:

    Wow, who knew that was all the troops got for selling the cookies?! I am like you, and would rather just give money directly to the troop, you could give more money and they would get more out of it.

    I gotta disagree with you on those Thin Mints though, man I love those! 🙂

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