Episode 3 – Parenting Under Stress

In this episode I take some time to talk about the struggles we are having dealing with the stress of our move. Moving is such a stressful situation for everyone involved especially children. I’d like to think that most times I can deal with my child’s strong feelings, but in this instance I am also […]

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Episode 2 – Our Morning Routine

In this episode I talk about our back to school morning routine. It so important to me to send my kids off to school in a great mood, not sad or angry because of a rough morning. This podcast shares my tips that I use to minimize melt downs. Episode 2 Do you have any […]

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Back to School is My New Year

I don’t make new years resolutions, mostly because I’m not very good at keeping them.  So the New Year is a fun time, and I love to celebrate it but it really doesn’t change anything in my life. Now back to school time is a different story.  Back to school time signifies a change in […]

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Part 1 of Back to School Lunch Tips

I pack lunch because it ensures my kids are getting the fuel they need for the day.  It’s the worst when they come off that bus hungry, tired and crying…. not how I want to spend my afternoon.  So I put together a few east tips to make packing lunches easier.   Tip #1 – […]

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