Episode 2 – Our Morning Routine

In this episode I talk about our back to school morning routine. It so important to me to send my kids off to school in a great mood, not sad or angry because of a rough morning. This podcast shares my tips that I use to minimize melt downs. Episode 2 Do you have any […]

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My Very First Podcast

Take a listen to my very first podcast. It’s a short episode that shares a little bit about me, my self-care routine, and why it’s never the perfect time to start a new project. Episode 1 I’d love to hear your feedback on the episode and if you have any questions for me or any […]

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Summer Goal Tracker for Kids

My kids have 1 more day of school, 1 MORE DAY!!!!!! We all look forward to having a little more freedom, lounging around, and enjoying some fun adventures.  I have always dreamed of being that care free mom that wakes up and let’s the kids decide what we should do that day, but the truth […]

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Everything I know I learned from a Horse

I often feel discouraged as I am trying to wrangle my kids, like maybe I have lost my touch or something.  I used to be able to make 1000 pound animals obey with just a stern look or or light pressure to a shoulder.  What happened?  Why was working with the big beasts so much […]

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