Episode 3 – Parenting Under Stress

In this episode I take some time to talk about the struggles we are having dealing with the stress of our move. Moving is such a stressful situation for everyone involved especially children. I’d like to think that most times I can deal with my child’s strong feelings, but in this instance I am also […]

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Everything I know I learned from a Horse

I often feel discouraged as I am trying to wrangle my kids, like maybe I have lost my touch or something.  I used to be able to make 1000 pound animals obey with just a stern look or or light pressure to a shoulder.  What happened?  Why was working with the big beasts so much […]

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Summer Mom Makeover 2012- Week 2- Are you picking your battles?

Yes, yes I know this is technically week 3 and I missed posting this last week… but life happens. My week three challenge is one that I have thought about long before I decided to create Summer Mom Makeover Picking your Battles.  Every mother had heard of it before, every mother has uttered it before […]

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Summer Fun List for “The Not so Crafty Mom”

I keep seeing all these great Summer Fun Listsfloating around and they are pretty awesome.  Here is the problem I am having with some of them: they are for older kids, they cost a fortune, you must have an engineering degree to make it work, or they would take me all day to set up […]

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Versatile Blogger??? Right here!

I am not a professional writer, I am an Almost Super Mom.  I started this blog so I could look back and remember how crazy my life was when my kids are grown and to share my life with other parents (it’s nice to know you aren’t the only one feeling the way you do.)  […]

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Give yourself a break

Through clenched teeth I whisper “Son that is a maraca, not a hammer.  Please don’t hit anyone or anything with it, you can shake it and dance only.  Mama will help you find another toy if you can’t use this one correctly.” G doesn’t even look up, but he stop beating the walls with the […]

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I’m back

I can tell you from experience that having two kids under age 2 is not impossible, but it’s hard. Right now little guy is 2 and princess girl is 5 months, so life is finally starting to get back to normal. I should add that back to normal for me might not be the same […]

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