Breast Feeding Again

I am just giddy think about nursing another baby.  I can’t wait until she is here.  I can’t wait for that first feeding.  I can;t wait to see a smiling baby with a boob in her mouth.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it now that Little Guy has been weaned for over 10 […]

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Back from Florida

We made the trip tp and from Florida without any major mishaps and it was really fun.  The thought of flying with a toddler did not make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but Little Guy did great.  He slept part of the way, we read some books, and then we opened the BIG bag of […]

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Big Boy

It seem like only last month I was the mother of an infant that liked to be cuddled, wanted to be carried all around, loved to nurse, and didn’t mind ridding in his stroller.  Out of  nowhere here comes this Little Guy that drinks from a sippy cup, walks and/or runs all over the place, and […]

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