Not one size fits all

This morning I woke up to the sound of ran on my windows and it made me happy because we had NOTHING on our agenda.  It is rare that we have no place to be.  Drinking my coffee and browsing my fav blogs I can across this post and it made me smile, It made […]

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Thankful for naptime

It’s only 1:15 and I have thought about running away at least a dozen times today!  My morning started out not so great when my pain in the butt wonderful Husband decided to skip his workout and get up at 5:59am and jump in the shower.  Now this doesn’t seem like a huge deal but […]

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Weekly review

I decided I should take sometime and post weekly about the stuff that made me laugh and cringe. When I started this blog I wanted to be able to go back and read all about my life, then reality hit me and with 2 small kids I didn’t have much time to update.  Now is […]

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High Stress

The stress level in our house is a little high these days.  With a move on the horizon for us we just don’t have a free minute.  There has been more yelling, door slamming, and pouting than usual and I would like to blame it on my 3-year-old, but this mama has done her fair […]

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Choosing to give choices

About a year ago I did some research on parenting techniques and found it to be super overwhelming. I asked around to my Mom friends and the book that come most highly recommended to me was Love and Logic.  While I like a lot of things about Love and Logic there are a few thing […]

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Let it Happen

Today Gabe climbed past the white line on the rock wall at the YMCA.  The white line is only 4 feet off the ground.  This may not be a big deal for most kids but he is captain cautious so for him it was a momentous occasion.  I was sitting on the bench with Liv […]

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Judge me not

Today the kids and I went to our local YMCA for tot skate (kids under 5 can bring, scooter, bikes, push toys, etc to the skating rink.)  We met some friends and everyone was having a great time; there were a few minor squabbles over toys but you expect that in a room with 40 […]

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