Seeing it from his side

Last night my husband stayed home with the kids so I could go out with some friends for sushi, it’s the only weekend I will have time before we move.  He was glad to give me a small break because he had spent the day getting ready to leave for 6 days on a business […]

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The Realization

On Saturday we attended a wedding.  I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!!  My husband’s co-worker’s daughter was getting married.  I was super excited when we got the invite a few months back, because in case you didn’t know I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!  I was also excited because this wedding is essentially a free date night for us and who […]

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Thankful for naptime

It’s only 1:15 and I have thought about running away at least a dozen times today!  My morning started out not so great when my pain in the butt wonderful Husband decided to skip his workout and get up at 5:59am and jump in the shower.  Now this doesn’t seem like a huge deal but […]

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Am I the Only one?

Today when we where at the park a little boy ran into me.  No big deal right?  Little kids get excited at the park and don’t always watch where they are going.  Not the case here friends, this kid ran into me because he was walking while playing a game on his iPhone.  A 4 […]

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