Easy Meal Planning

I meal plan every Sunday, and I grocery shop every Tuesday.  That is what works best for our family.  So before we get too far into this, you need to pick days that work for your family.  My way is NOT the only way to meal plan, but it works for us! How do I […]

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Back to School Lunches

Lately I feel like school lunches have become a huge topic of discussion.  Are the “hot lunches” that schools provide the best option for our children?  What makes up a school lunch? Is it mystery meat like that talk about on TV?  How much does a school lunch cost? Now, let’s not forget about packing […]

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My Basic Monthly Meal Plan

Meal planning is a big deal to me, it keeps me sane! We are busy and dinner is the one time of day that all four of us can sit down together and reconnect.  Between work schedule, kids sports, and life in general it would be easy to get take out several nights a week… […]

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Fancy up your Coffee for Pennies

It’s been a long time… a really long time.  No excuses or grand stories, life just happens! So today I bring you a short post on how to fancy up your coffee in 3 seconds and it only costs you pennies. Get ready for it…. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over the coffee grounds before […]

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Oreo Brownie Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Oh yeah that’s right!  Some of you may have seen The  Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar floating around on Pintrest and if you haven’t done so already go ahead and pin it now!  I made it a few months ago and everyone loved it, but I had trouble getting the middle […]

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Slow cooker tamale pie remix

I just made a great tamale pie!  I mean it was awesome, tasty, yummy, easy to make, frugal, and everyone in my house loved it!  Before I go any further this is my disclaimer:  I am NOT a food blogger, a chef, or a gourmet cook.  I AM a stay at home mom that like […]

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Frugal tips: coffee

I am a frugal gal, I coupon, I shop the clearance racks, and I rarely throw away food.  It pains me to throw away food. I freeze any fruit that looks like it’s close to going bad and we use it for smoothies, my kids live for smoothies.  Getting back to the frugal part… I […]

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