Back to School is My New Year

I don’t make new years resolutions, mostly because I’m not very good at keeping them.  So the New Year is a fun time, and I love to celebrate it but it really doesn’t change anything in my life. Now back to school time is a different story.  Back to school time signifies a change in season.  Time for the kids to get back on a more solid routine, and since they are building a school routine it’s a great time to work on the home routine as well.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and work on buttoning up my own schedule and making life flow  a little better in our home.


Here are just a few things I’ll be focusing on:

Limiting my social media and adding “Screen Free” time for myself and my kids. I’m going to start with 20 minute breaks without my phone and work my way up to an hour and a half phone free. (I realize that this sounds ridiculous but I am glued to my phone.)

Taking breaks throughout my day to just sit or walk quietly. I plan to set my alarm for 3 times during the day to just stop and take a few deep breaths.  I think adding a few walks to my weekly exercise can’t hurt either.

Focus on giving my family my undivided attention more often. Every year I try to have all my mom duties done before the kids get home so I can just focus on their needs, but I usually fail.  So this year I’m starting small and blocking out time for each person (including my husband) to get my sole focus everyday.

Get back to using my Producteev App for list making. It’s the best App hands down, I don’t know why I stooped using it.  I create lists for Today, This week, and Soon.  It is so much easier than writing it down and sticking it on the fridge.

Schedule my own days off. I’m a stay at home mom, why do I need to schedule days off?  Because if I don’t then I won’t ever get one.  Plain and simple,  I need to make sure I give myself some scheduled down time or I get burned out (It’s ugly folks, you don’t want to see it.)


Do you see back to school as the new year?  What routines are you working on?




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