Summer Goal Tracker for Kids

My kids have 1 more day of school, 1 MORE DAY!!!!!! We all look forward to having a little more freedom, lounging around, and enjoying some fun adventures.  I have always dreamed of being that care free mom that wakes up and let’s the kids decide what we should do that day, but the truth is I really suck at that.  I don’t function well without a plan (neither do my kids) and by the 2nd week of summer break we are craving a routine.  In previous years I created an elaborate schedule that eventually also got tossed because c’mon summer should be more relaxed man!  So that is how I decided to make my goal tracker, it’s super simple and easy to follow. Just click the link below to get your copy.


Kids Summer Tracking Sheet


We sat down together and decided on a few things they thought we be a good idea to accomplish everyday.  We kept it simple and we made sure to be flexible and only leave 28 spaces to fill in. I plan to use one for each child every month so they have a little wiggle room to skip a day if they need to.  Everyday they can color in a block after they complete a task and each block colored is a day closer to their goal!

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