5 Things Every Parent Should Know if your Kids Play Team Sports

My husband and I have been lucky enough to get to coach Tball and Soccer for several seasons and we just love it.  Coaching really helps us show our children that an active life is essential and it’s fun too.  Being out on the field with a bunch of 5 and 6 years olds can be pretty hilarious.  There is a lot of digging in the dirt, staring at the sky, and a lot of giggles too.  But this post isn’t to convince you to try coaching, but to give parents a few tips that could really make your coaches job easier.  So lets get to it!

#1 – Remember your coach is a VOLUNTEER

I know we’ve all heard about parents screaming at coaches and honestly we have never experienced that (thank goodness) but we all need remember that a coach is a volunteer.  Often times coach may not know a ton about the sport they offered to coaches, they are just trying to help out.  They are usually given a short training (if they are lucky) and a handbook and sent on their way.  So why do they coach if they don’t know the sport like the back of their hand?  Because every season coordinators everywhere are begging parents to coach or there won’t be a soccer, Tball, basketball etc team for your child to play on.  So if you have a newer coach and you can give them a little advice or help that’s awesome, but keep your snarky comments to yourself.


#2 – Label Everything

Please write your child’s name of everything!!!  EVERYTHING!  When we have 10 baseball gloves in a pile most 4 year olds can’t remember what their glove looks like. The same goes for hat, bats, battling helmets, water bottles and anything else they are taking into the dugout.  Speaking of the dug out…

#3 –  All players stay in the dugout

Once your child is on the bench or in the dugout that is where he or she should stay until the end of the game. Make sure you send everything they need with them into the dugout.  Make sure all snacks are eaten beforehand and they have used the restroom.  If you have spent and about of time with children you know that they are parrots, once you hear one “I have to go potty” they all start repeating it.  It’s really hard to teach them skills and keep them safe when you are constantly ushering someone to the bathroom.  So what if your kids has to pee every hour?  Show up a bit earlier and make sure he goes right before the game starts!

#4 – Be on time

Saturdays are a big day on any field be it soccer or Tball.  They games are on a tight schedule so that everyone gets to play,  so do your best to be on time.  We really don’t want to start the game without your child, but sometimes it has to be done or we will make every game late for the rest of the day.


#5 – Cheer them on

Shout, clap, sing, do a dance… I don’t care, just get excited!  Kids love to hear you encouraging them!



In the end team sports should be fun for everyone involved!

Coaching really helps us show our children that an active life is essential and it's fun too.


If you have a tip or a trick that I missed please add it in the comments section.



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