Back to School Lunches

Lately I feel like school lunches have become a huge topic of discussion.  Are the “hot lunches” that schools provide the best option for our children?  What makes up a school lunch? Is it mystery meat like that talk about on TV?  How much does a school lunch cost? Now, let’s not forget about packing lunches!  I feel as though it’s turned into some kind of crazy competition to make the most outrageous lunch for your child.  You don’t need to search very hard to find hundreds of ideas for cutesy lunches, some of them are really great ideas.  Some ideas look like you need to have a culinary arts degree to pull it off!  

I have news for you…  There are no awards given to the parent that packs the most expensive lunch.  There are no awards given to the child that eats the most exotic food.  There are no awards given, because there is no competition.  Parents we have enough to worry about, why try to one up each other over lunches?  



I’m turning my focus toward learning what my children need to fuel their bodies.  Being in school all day is hard work and they last thing I want is a hungry crying kid to get off the bus.  Over the next month I’ll be posting my top 5 tips for packing your child’s lunch.  I will also include photos of some of the lunches I pack and where I have found the best deals on lunch and snack supplies.  If you want to see my daily lunch photos be sure to follow me on Instagram Almost_Supermom_Fit and follow me on Facebook.

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