What Is a Challenge Group?

Okay Friends the 21 Day Fix is on sale this month! I have 2-3 spots available in my Summer 21 Day Fix Challenge group. I have received messages asking what is a challenge group? Why would I join? What do I get?

A Challenge Group is a secret Facebook group for my clients so support each other, get advice, share struggles and of course celebrate reaching our goals!

Why should you join? Why not!?!? I love being surrounded by positive people that lift me up, that’s what a challenge group is all about.

What do you get? When you join my group you get personal coaching from me, I’m there to answer any question you have and offer helpful advice. Also my 21 Day Fix Challenge Group includes 21 Day Fix approved recipes, and a free meal plan for the full 21 days. There won’t be and hard to find food, or meals that take hours to prepare, just good, tasty, healthy food to fuel your body.

Are you ready to join me?

Find me on Facebook AlmostSuper Mom Fit

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