Just Being- Update #1

I am so thrilled to have had such a great response to Just Be With Me, so I thought I should update you on how it’s going.  So far things are going okay.  I wish I could say that everyone is peachy, there have been no tantrums (by children or adults) and that I am now Mom of the year… but that would be a lie.  I can say there have been far less moment of chaos,far less sad faces, and many more giggles.  I have been trying to get outside of my comfort zone and really play with my kids.  I have found a few thing that have made it easier to do that:

  1. Plan ahead.  When I know will be headed to a park or some other fum place for most of the day I pack snacks, lunches, extra clothes, etc. the night before.  It eliminates the rush in the morning and helps me keep my cool.
  2. Pick a schedule you can stick with.  For me it’s more of a list, I plan my day in three sections: Stuff I can do with the kids, stuff I need to do without the kids, and time just being with the kids. (More on this in a later post.)
  3. Pick 3 chores a day.  That. Is. It.  My to do list gets super long and I’m sure yours does too.  I pick any 3 chores and do them in 1 day.  Mop floors, food shopping, make dinner- your 3 are done.
  4. Take breaks.  If I worked 8 hours a day outside the home I would be required to take 2 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch.  Well I work 16 hour days at home!  Breaks NEED to be taken.  I get up early to workout and drink my coffee alone (most days.) I eat lunch at naptime so I get to enjoy my food while it’s hot.  Mid day the kids and I have started doing some stretching and wiggling to reduce stress.  AT least once a day I set them up with a quiet activity and I just sit for 5 minutes.
  5. Make time with other adults.  Go on a date night.  Go shopping with a friend.  Join a group.  Go to a fitness class.  Find something you can do adults only.  We are lucky enough to have great neighbors (that also have teenage daughters for babysitting!!!) and we try to hang out with them at least twice a month.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate… sometime we just eat a late dinner at home after bed time and have a bonfire.

These are just my suggestions, and they are working well for me.  Do you have any tips?

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