Summer Mom Makeover 2012- Week 2- Are you picking your battles?

Yes, yes I know this is technically week 3 and I missed posting this last week… but life happens.

My week three challenge is one that I have thought about long before I decided to create Summer Mom Makeover Picking your Battles.  Every mother had heard of it before, every mother has uttered it before Pick your battles.  Sometimes I have to wonder if I am picking my battles or just giving up to make life easier in that moment.

For example when Little Johnny is crying because he doesn’t want to brush his teeth after a long day at the zoo; so his Mom says okay and brushes them for him and helps him into his PJs.  On most days Little Johnny can do those things alone, but today he was super tired and needed some help, no use picking a fight with an over tired preschooler.

Another example is Little Jane, she refuses to put her own shoes on when they are leaving in the morning.  Every morning is a battle; Her mom asks her to put them on and she says no (repeat) and finally mom puts them on.  It’s gets to the point where her Mom just stops asking and put her shoes on for her everyday.  Is that picking your battles?  I suppose it could be, maybe Little Jane dresses, makes her breakfast, clears her plate, and brushes her teeth without any trouble!  (Probably not.)

AT my house I know many times I think I am picking my battle, when really I know I am caving and I will have to deal with it later.  My biggest Pick you battle (but actually give in) issue I have is letting my kids have snacks while walking around my house.  I know that I should allow them to eat at the table or counter only, but here’s the thing… they love snacks.  Snacks make them happy and when they are happy I can enjoy little luxuries like going to the bathroom or switching laundry from washer to dryer. (insert sarcasm here.)  The other problem with letting them wonder my house with snacks in that then there are bowls, cups, and crumbs all over the place.  Like I don’t already have enough to clean up!

This week I am focusing in allowing the kids to eat at the table or kitchen counter ONLY for all meals and snacks.  It won’t be easy.  It won’t be fun.  But hopefully after the next few days they will be used to it and my house will be a little less crummy.

Do you always pick your battles?  Do you let things slide knowing you will have a bigger mess to deal with later?  What are you going to work on this week?

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