Summer Mom Makeover 2012

A friend of mine mentioned how burned out she felt this month already and maybe we should do a parenting challenge for the rest of the month (Hi Jodiann!!!)  She mentioned she was listing the things she wanted to work on so she could look at them to remind herself of the parent she was trying to be, what a great idea!  So I stole her idea and blogged about it because I think other Moms might want to join in!  Then I thought what about a Summer Mom Makeover, not with new hair cuts or pedicures (but that would be awesome.)  Instead taking this summer to give myself a parenting makeover and try to really be the Mom I want to be.  It really sounds more grandiose then it is, trust me.

My plan was to make a list for myself and G of the one major thing I wanted to get accomplished this summer, followed by 3 tasks to complete by Fall, and 6 ways to get there.  Here is my List:



To be a more patient, confident parent


3 Tasks to complete by the Fall:

Go 1 week without spanking or yelling

Effectively use mommy time outs

Get more involved with the kids everyday


6 Ways to support and encourage:

Make 1 request and follow through

Get enough rest and Eat good food

Take 20 minutes to myself everyday

Talk to my kids like I would like to be talked to

Give choices more often

Stick to the rules we want to work on


Here is G’s List:



To be more independent and whine less


3 Tasks to complete by the Fall:

Dress himself daily

Put on or take off shoes without help

Help prep and/ or clean up meals


6 Ways to support and encourage:

Repeat “more trying and less crying”

Get enough rest

Eat good food

Have time to get “crazies” out

Have one on one time with Mom or Dad

Practice motor skill activities


Since I am not very handy with creating printables I just typed it up in Word, printed, and stuck it on the fridge.  But I found a few cute free printables here, here, and here.

My plan is to try to stick to my list as well as add new challenges weekly.  Follow along, join in, share your ideas!




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