Finally moved in!!!

I am back from my blogging break because we are finally moved in to our new home!  Super exciting.  This is going to be brief because I still have a ton of cleaning and organizing to do around here, but here is my “Moving with 2 kids story.”

Our house sold on May 1 and all our stuff was packed up on May 2, we lived in a hotel for 28 days before driving 10 hours to our new house, staying 7 more days in a hotel, then finally moving in.  None of it was ideal, but that’s how life is, right?  I love love love love our new home and neighborhood and I couldn’t be happier about it! We have great neighbors and we are within walking distance to store, shops, banks, school. parks, and restaurants!

I have to be honest, living in a hotel with a 3 year old and a 16 month old SUCKS!  There is just nothing fun about it.  I will admit that I had less Hands Free moments then I would have liked too, but everyone is still alive so I must have done something right.  So I put together a little list that I think all parents should reference if ever traveling in the car or staying at a hotel for long periods of time.

In the Hotel:

  • Must have a pool
  • Must have an elevator (some days we rode the elevator just for fun!)
  • Must have 24 hour coffee
  • Must have wifi and cable
  • Must have microwave and fridge
  • Bring some of your own toys (bath toys are great too)
  • Bring a sound machine so your kids don;t hear every slamming door
  • Unplug the phones in the room so your kids can play with them
  • Go to local parks everyday!

In the Car:

  • DVD player (I know some people don’t do TV, but this thing is a life saver!)
  • Feed the kids in the car, went you get to a rest stop they want to run not sit and eat
  • Play kids music and sing along
  • Bring paper, crayons, stickers, etc
  • Get each child a pair of sunglasses and give them out during the ride
  • Have a basket that will hold snacks, drinks, toys etc easily reachable

That’s all folks!  I am working on some fun summer stuff and should have a great list up by Thursday!

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