This House

We made the choice to move out of our old home on Monday, yes as in 3 days from today.  The packing, loading, and moving itself isn’t such a big deal; the bigger issue is that our new house won’t be ready for us to move into until May 24th.  Soooooo… we will be spending most of the next 3 weeks in a hotel room or at Grammy’s house.  Not ideal.

As I was working on my to do list today before the movers come I stopped in my tracks and decided I wanted to remember this house.  I grabbed my camera and took pictures of all the rooms and yes I cried as I took photos of the kids rooms are remembered them as babies laying it their cribs.  I cried in my room looking at my bed and thinking about all those sleepless nights nursing a baby and all the nights I tried to sleep sitting up because pregnancy heartburn is so awful.  I sobbed some more in my kitchen thinking about the meals I cooked with G in the moby wrap or the dinner we ate with L in the bumbo seat at the table with us.  I cried, I let it all out and I cried… not because I love this house so much, but because this is my children’s first home.  There won’t be another home like this one.  I cried because they are growing up and I feel like and I am missing it somehow.  And I cried because that’s me, I cry.

After the crying my head was clear.  I thought about the weeks ahead, packing, staying in a hotel, the 12 hour drive to our new home, more hotels, unpacking, and our first night in the new house.  None of it will be easy, but that’s life.  I must put a positive spin on this!  Staying in a hotel isn’t ideal, but at least I don’t have to clean.  It gives me more time to spend having fun with my kids swimming in the pool, going to the park, eating a picnic lunch, and just staying in the moment with them.  Instead of trying to keep them busy so I can do dishes or mop I can enjoy watching them play together or even play along.    Sleeping over at Grammy and Grandad’s for a few nights isn’t perfect either, too much sugar and not enough sleep make kids (and mama) a bit cranky.  My in-laws are wonderful, they love my children more than anything and they always make us feel welcome.  I am planning on taking the kids to the children’s museum by their house as well as a trip to Farmer Tom’s to ride some tractors, but honestly my kids just love hanging out at Grammy’s house with all her toys!

This move is going to happen, how I deal with it is totally up to me.  Saying good-bye to this house will be hard, but I love our new house and I can’t wait to get there.  I hope there are some families with preschool age kids near by so we can make friends… but that is a whole other post.

2 thoughts on “This House

  1. I always swear I’m NEVER moving cause its hard and it sucks. But now I have another reason! *I* almost cried thinking about YOUR babies in their cribs and you missing your bedroom and everything. I’ll just have to come up with the money for private school and build an addition. 🙂

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