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Frugal tips: coffee


I am a frugal gal, I coupon, I shop the clearance racks, and I rarely throw away food.  It pains me to throw away food. I freeze any fruit that looks like it’s close to going bad and we use it for smoothies, my kids live for smoothies.  Getting back to the frugal part… I was really sick of paying big bucks for skin care products that don;t work or are full of chemicals and junk; so few months ago I started looking  into making my own soap, lotion, bubble bath, etc and came across a lady that used coffee grounds as a body scrub.  I was a bit hesitant but them I figured it couldn’t hurt, right?

Leftover Coffee Grounds


After my first coffee grounds exfoliation experience I was elated with the results.  My skin was so smooth and soft and I smelled like my fav beverage!  It is now a twice weekly ritual after my run that I scrub with my left over coffee grounds.

So here’s how you do it… it’s very difficult so prepare yourself.  Remove leftover coffee from coffee pot and pour it into a plastic bowl, carry it to the shower, get in the shower, scrub your body with the grounds and breathe in the lovely coffee smell, get out and slather on your fav lotion.  Done deal, super easy and frugal!

If you have some liquid coffee leftover I found this on pintrest that might interest you.  I am also a fan of homemade frapachino type drinks.  I don’t have a recipe I just throw cold coffee, ice, caramel or chocolate, sugar, and milk in the blender and let it go.

Any other frugal recipes to share?