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Mirena, Migraines, and a Mean Mama- Adios Mirena


If you don’t like reading about contraceptives, libido, depression, rage, and migraines then you might want to skip this post.  I try to keep this fairly upbeat around here but I needed to write this post and share with the world.  I consider it kind of a PSA.

I got my mirena out yesterday and I am so happy about it! No, we are not trying to add to our family.  I had it removed because it made me a different person (at least that is what I think) I will keep you all posted on how I feel.

Here is the back story:

After Liv was born my OBGYN suggested the Mirena because we didn’t want a more permanent solution yet.  It was inserted in March and the procedure was pretty quick and painless.  A week later I got my first killer migraine in almost 4 years, I couldn’t take my regular meds because I was nursing so I suffered through it for 4 days.  I also spotted for the first 3 weeks I had it.  After the migraine the overwhelmed feelings started, I cried all the time.  At my 4 week check up I told my OBGYN everything and asked to have it removed, she stated that I was feeling this way because I had 2 kids under 2.  It was normal and if I wanted she would get me some anti depressant, although she felt that I didn’t need them.  I declined the meds and the mirena stayed put.  Over the following months the migraines came at least 3 times a month and always during my period (which was light spotting for 3-4 days.)  The headache would start the day before my cycle and last until the end and no about of sleep, ice, pain meds or caffeine helped.  The depression became a big monster that consumed me, I cried everyday and no one understood what I was going through.  Then the rage came, I was angry at everyone.  Kids spilling food, dog barking, my Husband not meeting my ridiculous expectations, and it was frightening.  I felt like I wasn’t myself and I had no idea how to fix it, I saw a therapist twice and I had no luck.  Every time I left I felt worse because her suggestion weren’t helping me and I was feeling more overwhelmed then ever.

Fast forward to last week…

I had a migraine for 5 days and I was over it.  I called a family doctor and she got me in that day!  I told her my migraine history and she offered to prescribe the Imatrex I was on before and a daily med called Topamax.  (I haven’t taken the Topamax yet I am waiting…)  She asked for my medical history and I told her all about it and I mentioned I had the Mirena, so she asked what I used before children and I told her Depo.  She raised her eyebrows and asked about my migraines while not using the Depo or Mirena and I told her I didn’t have any (maybe 4 a year) while not on the drugs.  So she suggested I have it removed and do a low dose birth control pill.  She informed me the hormone in Depo and Mirena are the same and known to cause migraines especially during your period.  Hmmmmmm I wonder why no one told me that before?  Then I shared my rage, depression, and weight gain with her and she agreed that it might me related to the Mirena, but there was only 1 way to find out.


I had my appointment to have it removed and it took all of 3 minutes with no pain or spotting.  I am excited to see how my body adjusts without it.  I started on Junel Fe pills last night and she recommended back up birth control for 3 weeks.   I feel liberated and I plan to share my story with my readers over the next few months.  I am hoping the changes will be: no more depression, higher libido, overall happier, weight loss, and of course less migraines.

I know all birth control is not the same for everyone, I have 3 friends that love the Mirena.  It just wasn’t for me.  Please feel free to share your experience good or bad because I would love to hear about it.