Mirena, Migraines, and a Mean Mama- Adios Mirena

If you don’t like reading about contraceptives, libido, depression, rage, and migraines then you might want to skip this post.  I try to keep this fairly upbeat around here but I needed to write this post and share with the world.  I consider it kind of a PSA.

I got my mirena out yesterday and I am so happy about it! No, we are not trying to add to our family.  I had it removed because it made me a different person (at least that is what I think) I will keep you all posted on how I feel.

Here is the back story:

After Liv was born my OBGYN suggested the Mirena because we didn’t want a more permanent solution yet.  It was inserted in March and the procedure was pretty quick and painless.  A week later I got my first killer migraine in almost 4 years, I couldn’t take my regular meds because I was nursing so I suffered through it for 4 days.  I also spotted for the first 3 weeks I had it.  After the migraine the overwhelmed feelings started, I cried all the time.  At my 4 week check up I told my OBGYN everything and asked to have it removed, she stated that I was feeling this way because I had 2 kids under 2.  It was normal and if I wanted she would get me some anti depressant, although she felt that I didn’t need them.  I declined the meds and the mirena stayed put.  Over the following months the migraines came at least 3 times a month and always during my period (which was light spotting for 3-4 days.)  The headache would start the day before my cycle and last until the end and no about of sleep, ice, pain meds or caffeine helped.  The depression became a big monster that consumed me, I cried everyday and no one understood what I was going through.  Then the rage came, I was angry at everyone.  Kids spilling food, dog barking, my Husband not meeting my ridiculous expectations, and it was frightening.  I felt like I wasn’t myself and I had no idea how to fix it, I saw a therapist twice and I had no luck.  Every time I left I felt worse because her suggestion weren’t helping me and I was feeling more overwhelmed then ever.

Fast forward to last week…

I had a migraine for 5 days and I was over it.  I called a family doctor and she got me in that day!  I told her my migraine history and she offered to prescribe the Imatrex I was on before and a daily med called Topamax.  (I haven’t taken the Topamax yet I am waiting…)  She asked for my medical history and I told her all about it and I mentioned I had the Mirena, so she asked what I used before children and I told her Depo.  She raised her eyebrows and asked about my migraines while not using the Depo or Mirena and I told her I didn’t have any (maybe 4 a year) while not on the drugs.  So she suggested I have it removed and do a low dose birth control pill.  She informed me the hormone in Depo and Mirena are the same and known to cause migraines especially during your period.  Hmmmmmm I wonder why no one told me that before?  Then I shared my rage, depression, and weight gain with her and she agreed that it might me related to the Mirena, but there was only 1 way to find out.


I had my appointment to have it removed and it took all of 3 minutes with no pain or spotting.  I am excited to see how my body adjusts without it.  I started on Junel Fe pills last night and she recommended back up birth control for 3 weeks.   I feel liberated and I plan to share my story with my readers over the next few months.  I am hoping the changes will be: no more depression, higher libido, overall happier, weight loss, and of course less migraines.

I know all birth control is not the same for everyone, I have 3 friends that love the Mirena.  It just wasn’t for me.  Please feel free to share your experience good or bad because I would love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “Mirena, Migraines, and a Mean Mama- Adios Mirena

  1. this sounds all too familiar. I was a chronic migraine sufferer for a year before anyone actually told me, they all said it was just stress. A migraine all day every day for a year, not cool. I saw a neurologist and he put me on Topomax as well. I was on it for 6 months, and then went off it and didn’t have a migraine for 3 years. During that time, I was off my birth control pill because we were trying to get pregnant. Once we had our son, I went back on my pill and within days I had migraines again. My doctor put me on Topomax again, and it seemed to lessen them. But then talking to a friend who also had migraines, she went off her b/c and they went away. So I tried it… scary because we didn’t know if we were ready for more kids at that time…. but within a week or so of being off my pill, my migraines went away! It’s been 3 months, and I think I have maybe had 1 migraine! A huge relief for someone who had a 2.5 year old and had migraines 4-5 times a week!

    While I did take topomax, and it did help, I don’t know that it was the solution. And don’t even consider trying to conceive while on it… it can cause some serious birth defects! We found out aftewards ( there was no research on it when I was on it the first time, so we opted to wait to start trying )… like malformation of male sexual reproductive system among other things!

    Hope things work for you!

  2. How is it going post mirena? I felt like I just read my own story…just called to get mine out. I am so sick right now and thought I was just crazy…it has been going on for a long time and I finally started doing some searches…thank you for sharing!!!

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