Yes you can!

I was chatting it up with some other moms at the park today when the question of losing your baby weight came up.  Most of us had lost ours and talked about how hard it was to give up your favorite junk foods or find time to workout.  Then one of the moms chimed in and said “Oh come on, what program did you use?”

“Excuse me?  What do you mean what program?  I just ate less crap and started working out more.”

This news did not make her happy, in fact I think she wanted to punch me in the face.  To be honest I was that mom a year ago.  I wanted a quick fix way to loss weight without giving up the food I loved.  Brace yourself for the harsh truth… Moving more + eating less= weight loss.  PERIOD.  I was lucky enough to have a great friend (Hi Jen!) that was willing to share her journey with me, she didn’t sugar coat it.  She just told be like it is, and that is what I needed to hear.  So just in case you don’t have the support I did, I am offering up my services to tell you like it is!  Before I do let me clarify that I am NOT a dietitian, or a personal trainer, or a chef, or a doctor, or any other kind of fitness guru, I am just a mom trying to get fit.  Here is how I am doing it:

Today is a good day to start

There will always be something looming that makes you think I will eat better tomorrow, I will do that exercise video later.  That voice in my head, needs to shut up.  I started small, I signed up with My Fitness Pal and tracked my calories.  I know it sounds like a ton of work but really it’s fairly simple and there is an app for my phone!

Find time for fitness

There are not going to be any more hours in the day, I had to decide where I could  fit in a run.  For me the best time was in between Liv and Gabe’s bedtime.  She would go to bed at 7, I would run and be home in time to read to Gabe by 8.  On the weekends I woke up early and ran before everyone else was up, that way I did have to give up any family time (no mommy guilt to deal with.)   Now my kids are old enough to go to the YMCA childcare for an hour so I can run 3 times a week and it’s great.

Weight loss buddy system

It’s tough to find a workout partner that can stick to my schedule.  I went to the web and joined a Moms Get Fit Group for support, ideas, and accountability.  I know it sounds silly to think that people who live 500 miles away helped me stay on track, but it’s true.  We do regular weigh ins, keep track of our miles walked or run, and even have daily challenges (100 push ups a day, ouch.)

Pick a goal

My goal last year was to be in the 140 range by the summer and to feel great in my swim suit.  I did!  I try to pick goals that will take a little work, but not a miracle.  Signing up for races keeps me motivated to Put my shoes on at least 3 times a week.  My goal this year is to where a size 8 and run a sub 30 5k.  Both are attainable with some hard work.

My point is anyone can be health, anyone can be fit, anyone can feel sexy, you just have to want it bad enough.

5 thoughts on “Yes you can!

  1. Chris, you are so spot on with this post! It’s the little things we do everyday that make the big difference. If there were a magic pill we would all look like Victoria’s Secret models and then it would just be boring!

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