Thankful for naptime

It’s only 1:15 and I have thought about running away at least a dozen times today!  My morning started out not so great when my pain in the butt wonderful Husband decided to skip his workout and get up at 5:59am and jump in the shower.  Now this doesn’t seem like a huge deal but I am a schedule person and I get up at 6 every morning and shower so I can have 15 minutes to drink my coffee ALONE.  So when Mr. Wonderful screws this up I get a little annoyed, just a little.  While I am sitting in bed in the dark waiting for him to finish in the shower I remember that he has been gone from wake up to bedtime 2 days in a row, 2 days without seeing our kids!  My annoyance level is going up.  He gets out says “Morning” and goes about getting ready for work.  I get my coffee and decide I still have a few minutes I will jump in the shower before they kids get up.

Just as I am about to turn the water on he peeks his head in the bathroom and says “I don’t know why I am so tired, it must be just work stuff.  I can’t wait to come home tonight and relax.”  Again folks this seem so harmless doesn’t it?  Well I would feel reallllllllly sorry for him if he was coming home so late and missing time with us because he was working late, but yesterday he wasn’t.  Yesterday he played golf after work!  I have no sympathy for someone who is tired because they rode in a golf cart and drank beers with their buddies for 3 hours.  My annoyance level is now in the red.  So instead of going crazy I smile and say “yeah, please come home on time today.”

I finally get in the shower and a little face pops around the curtain just as I am shampooing my hair.  I am telling you if my son wasn’t so darn cute I may have actually run away at this point.  After I get out we snuggle on my bed and watch Umizoomi while I drink coffee and he drinks chocolate milk.  We talk about what our plans are for the day, he points out the shapes on the TV, and it helps to put a positive spin on the mornings events.

The rest of the morning has been the usually whining and a few tantrums; one tantrum so bad in fact I had to put myself in timeout. I have been counting down the hours to nap time since we had breakfast, I need nap time. Right now I am refocusing on what really matters, taking care of my kiddos.  Even if that means putting myself in another timeout this afternoon I will stick with my plan.  As for my husband, he better be home on time.


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