Weekly review

I decided I should take sometime and post weekly about the stuff that made me laugh and cringe. When I started this blog I wanted to be able to go back and read all about my life, then reality hit me and with 2 small kids I didn’t have much time to update.  Now is my chance.

Proud mama moments:

Gabe held the door for 2 ladies at Walmart this week without prompting.  He also said excuse me when me bumped into another person’s cart.

Liv started walk last Tuesday!  We were in the front yard and a neighbor commented on how good she was walking; I turned around to see her walk all the way up the driveway, in to the garage, get a toy and walk back!  Crazy girl looks like she has been doing it forever!


Crafting and Learning

We used plastic Easter eggs to work on Gabe’s sorting and counting.  He loved it and counted to 10 without help.


Our Favorite Books

Gabe is really into Green Eggs and Ham this week as well as Get to Work and Tails.


The weather has been awesome so we have spent most of our days outside.  Gabe and Liv took their first bike rides of the season on the back of Daddy’s bike and they both loved it.  Gabe has mastered his big wheel, he is so fast that I have to run to keep up with him.  Honestly parenting is so much easier when the weather is nice!

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