Where has the time gone?

Lately I have found myself thinking “I should really do that with the kids” while I am surfing pinterest and catching up on some of the blogs I like.  Then saying “I just wish I had more time.”  I have spent most of my last 4 years trying to find more time for everything.  More time to spend with my kids, more time to write, more time with the Hubs, more time to work, and more time for myself (funny how I put myself last…)  So as of right now today I am trying to give myself more time, by letting go of the stuff that wastes my time.  This is not going to be easy.

I recently found Hands Free Mama on one of my nap time pinterest searches, what an eye opener.  Please if you have 5 minutes check her out, it may change the way you look at your daily life; it did for me.  I started to notice how often I checked emails, text messages, facebook, and made phone calls.  I noticed that if my kids were playing quietly together I would steal that 10 minutes to look for new crochet patterns or check my news feed.  After reading a few post from Rachael I realized I was really missing something during those minutes while my children were playing happily together and I won’t ever get those minutes back.  There is a list of  Baby Steps on her blog and was the perfect place for me to start.  Right off the bat I started putting my phone in my purse while I was in the car so I could talk to my children while I drove.  The next step I made was to turn off my tablet while the kids are awake (I did turn it on once when we were making dinner because I needed a recipe.)  Two simple steps, that’s all.  Now I wish I could say that it was soooo easy and that I felt so connected to my family and everyone had an awesome tantrum free day; that is just simply not true.  But what did happen was this:  We left the house earlier then usual (Still 5 minutes late, but better.)  My kids laughed in the car on the way to preschool instead of shouting to get my attention while I begged then to quiet down so I could talk on the phone.  And lastly I sat down on the floor and played with them for over an hour without once getting up to “Check” any device I own.

If you find yourself wonder “Where has the time gone?”  then maybe you too should check out Hands Free Mama on her journey.  Lots of great ideas and useful tips for living in the moment.  If you have any other tips on living more in the moment everyday please share them here.  I would love to hear your story and I will continue to share mine with you.

3 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. You have truly made my day! I am thrilled to read about the small changes you have made to let go of distraction and grasp what really matters! The outcome of your actions are simply beautiful and inspiring! I am so grateful that you took the time to share my message, as well as your personal experiences of being “Hands Free.” I would love for you to keep me posted on your progress! I see a very bright future ahead for you, my friend … and for your beautiful family, too.

    With a grateful heart,
    Rachel (Hands Free Mama)

  2. I love this. And i’l reblog it. I’l share your blog on fb as well. Its very rich. Thanks. I own Jesus Ventures Ltd International and most times am sick. Even right now as i write, am sick. To take care of my kids has been a challenge. If you are on fb, i’l like to be your friend and we can talk better. My fb profile is Abosede Stephen Adams. I’m a writer of 19 books and an Author of 4 bks, a business consultant and an Ebk publisher and CEO.
    I’ve understood too the importance of making your kids more important than your Job. I actually wrap my work with my kids. We work together, we brainstorm together, we suffer together and we enjoy together. That way wherever i am slacking in my duties at home, they are my angels that bear me out. God told me, you’ve to train them. They are healthier and stronger than you. Utilize what you have and delegate. Let them learn responsibility and i did and am proud of them and everytime they do an awesome work for me, i reward them.

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