As the new year is approaching I decided to create a calendar for myself that I could stick it.   The more time I spent working on it the more I thought “I bet other moms could use something like this.”  So, I took a little extra time a created a few Google docs to share.  Three in fact!  The first is the Almost Super Mom Clean and Organize Schedule. The second is the Almost Super Mom Happy Healthy Mom Schedule.  The third is the MEGA SCHEDULE, which combines the 2 and adds a few other handy tips and tricks.  The schedules are already filled out but there are blanks and the end of the document you can change if you like.

Creating the schedule wasn’t to terribly hard.  I simply listed what needed to be done each day, week, and month.  I separated them by which things I could do while the kids were awake and which had to wait until bedtime or nap time.  Since I am also a WAHM I don’t have time everyday to clean so there are days when nap time is used for work, therefore other days I need to get more done. This is not a 15 minutes a day kinda deal. I have things I do everyday not matter what, for example before nap time the kids and I pick up all toys, so I listed it as an everyday afternoon task.  I also have a night-time routine listed everyday.  You can make your night-time routine included what ever you like.  My night-time routine is: packing lunches, clean up from dinner,load dishwasher and run if full, fold a load of laundry, make coffee for the morning, and set out workout clothes.  This is not a 15 minutes a day kinda deal.  I also added a daily task, meaning you do it everyday for the month (hoping it sticks and you keep doing it for. ever.)  A weekly task that you can fit in when you can (I scheduled it for me.)  Lastly a monthly task that you can do whenever you like, it may take a while so you can do it all at once or over time, just do it!

The Happy Health Mom Schedule is really just a blank canvas for you to fill in.  We all have different goals.  Starting In February I will be training for a 10k and I will have a much more strict running schedule, but for January I am aiming for 3 workouts a week.  There are also Weekly tasks, daily tasks, and monthly tasks.  Give it a try!

The MEGA SCHEDULE combines both plans on one page.  On the MEGA SCHEDULE I also included kids activities and space for you to add your own activities as well.  Since there is so much to keep track of I will be adding a new MEGA SCHEDULE monthly, so please check back.

Please look over the schedule and leave me some feedback!  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Time…

  1. Here is a pintrest link I came across yesterday for some printables that could help you. Whether to alter or perfect what you have now or give you ideas for others. Best wishes to you dear!

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