Just put on your shoes

At first glance I am sure you were thinking this post was going to be all about Little Guy and taking his time to get ready.  If you were a fly on the wall at my house (or even a neighbor) I am sure you would hear “just get your shoe and get in the car” at least once a day.  However this post has nothing to do my dawdling toddler and everything thing to do with my and my new addiction running.  Running?  Really?  Yes that’s right, your eyes are not fooling you.  I am addicted to running and it ranks right up there with my other addiction chocolate.  How are they the same you ask, I will tell you.

As with any addiction it has it’s up and downs.  Times when you are sure you are going to give it up and time when you are not sure how you could ever live without it.  So on most days I wake up and think about my day over a cup of coffee before my kids are up.  I plan to take a run tonight after they are in bed and Hubby is firmly planted in front of the TV “watching the kids” so I can run.  Everyone gets up for the day and the chaos begins, by naptime I am also ready for some chocolate and a nap.  Nope I think, not today, no candy.  Well maybe just a few M&Ms, this is how it starts.  After a little treat (an entire bag) I start working and I remember my run tonight, ughh I am so tired, I’ll do it tomorrow.  Wait a minute, I just ate some M&Ms I better run tonight.

Hours later everyone is in bed, I am beat. I am changing into my PJs and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  Yup, I better go for a run.  Just put on my shoes and get out the door.  I tell my self just run 1 mile. Similar to my just a few M&Ms decision earlier, I make it to mile marker but I need to have more.  I find myself feeling good, proud that I made it this far.  At mile 2 the pain kicks in, I should stop now.  Why?  I convince myself that I am running away from the fat M&M eating me.  I finish my planned 3 miles and walk home proud of my accomplishment.  I get home and shower, I see myself in that same mirror again and I think, wow she is HOT!  There is no high greater than that!

After starting to run 3 months ago I realized I go through withdrawal if I don’t run at least 3 times a week.  I get crabby, eat junk, don’t sleep well, and get short with the kids.  I have an “I am going to quit this crap” moment at least once a week.  And when I do I tell myself  “just put on your shoes.”  It has worked every time.  The trick now is to encourage my good addiction and discourage my bad addiction, but chocolate is so good…

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