Weelicious Thursday

Today I tried my hand at the Breakfast Cupcakes from Weelicious and they were (insert sing songy voice here) awesome!   I followed her recipe to a tee, except I added 2 Tbsp on powdered sugar to the frosting *blush*  It made 12 regular sized cupcakes or muffins which ever you prefer to call them.  They would […]

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Baby cereal pancakes

I made these today for the kids and Princess Girl loved them, Little Guy did not.  I thought they were good, but they do taste different than your regular Bisquick pancakes.  They are a little more doughy, which is perfect for a 6 month old to gum on.    I got the basic recipe from Wholesome […]

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Just put on your shoes

At first glance I am sure you were thinking this post was going to be all about Little Guy and taking his time to get ready.  If you were a fly on the wall at my house (or even a neighbor) I am sure you would hear “just get your shoe and get in the […]

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