Coupon craze

Before I get down to the nitty-gritty about my coupons let me just say I was coupon shopping before couponing was cool.  I do not have  shelving built in my basement, nor do I have 500 rolls of toilet paper stored in my garage.  I use coupons to get the thing I need for less, that’s all, plain and simple.

So I plan to get $50 worth of groceries for $30 plus get $5 in register rewards to use on my next trip at Shop N Save.  I have never gone to the “coupon Thursday” deal they have.  It’s simple, buy $50 worth of food and they take $10 off, then you can use your coupons to get an even better deal.  I will post up the pictures of what I got and the final cost after my trip.

It will be an adventure because I am taking both kids with me!

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