Product Review: Fleece Diaper Covers from Scooter McGrooter’s

I am a cloth diapering mom and with baby girl on the way I decided I need to add to my stash.  I prefer to use prefolds and one size covers so I don’t need as many and no stuffing pockets.  Since I also believe that supporting other WAHM is important too I headed to ETSY to see if I could find some cover I wanted to try.  I have never used fleece before, but my friends have and say they are great.  I started searching and found Scotter Mcgrooter’s had fleece one size covers.  The store had option for many different colors and her turn around time is amazing.  I had the diaper covers in my hand within 4 days.

These fleece covers are awesome, Little Guy is pretty big but they fit in the largest setting with some snaps left to make them bigger if needed.  They are soft and well made, the stitching is straight and there are no pulls or snags.  The snaps are all evenly spaced and very secure.  Honestly these are so well made.

So let’s get down to business, do they work?  These babies are bullet proof!  I have been using then for over a month without any leaks or poopsplosions.  I use them with a prefold in a stay dry sock or with a prefold and a stay dry doubler.  They are nice a breathable, but durable enough to make it through a nap time on my heavy wetter without any trouble.  I love them.  They are the cover I reach for every time.  One of the great things about these cover is if there is no poop on the cover you can air it out and reuse it again; no need to wash it after a single use.  These covers are best washed with your regular laundry and fabric softener in recommended to help keep them leak proof.

If your new to cloth diapering or just looking for a new cover to try checkout Scooter McGrooter’s store, you won’t be sorry.

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