Organized and Efficient

Since becoming a mom I have really gotten efficient with my time, because I have so little of it.  Today I mopped and vacuumed all the floors and cleaned 3 bathrooms in under an hour.  Before I would have put the task off and maybe cleaned a bathroom per day.  I don’t really have a schedule, I just know what needs to be done and I try to do it as fast as I can.  I try to group things and complete 1 whole task, for example we have a 2 story house so if I already have the vacuum out why not do both floors (this goes for the mop too.)  Nap times are the only times I have to get major cleaning done, so I have to take advantage.  I leave 2 days open to I can work during nap time and the others I plan to clean and if I’m lucky just have some mommy time alone.

Another super power I have gained since becoming a mom is the ability to lift heavy loads.  I can carry a 30 lbs toddler, a diaper bag, a travel mug, and at least 3 bags of groceries at one time.  And packing!!!  I can pack everything a women and a toddler needs for 2 weeks into one suitcase and make sure it stays under the airline weight limit of 50 lbs.

What’s your superpower?  I would love to hear about it.

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