Work at home mama

I am at it again, trying to find the perfect work at home job for me.  It needs to have flexible hours, good pay, and be something I like to do. ” That’s not possible,” you say.  Well I say “yes it is.”  So I applied to 2 other transcription companies, a website testing gig, […]

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Clean House

I have tried several methods for organizing my chores, from daily 15 minute clean sessions to one day cleaning extravaganzas, and found none of them work for me.  I just decided to let life happen and see where chores fit in and to my surprise it was fairly easy to get everything done each week.  […]

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Back from a long break

Well it’s true I am back in action after a long break from my blog. This summer has really been super busy and honestly I just haven’t had the time to be everywhere at once, after all that is why I am Almost Super Mom. So the big news here on the home front is […]

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