Happy Mother’s Day Dianne- My mother-in-law

My girlfriends are always talking about their irritating mother-in-laws.  They look at my and say “You know what I mean?” and I really don’t.  I love my MIL because she is awesome.  I have known Dianne since 2000, when I first met here I was scared.  She was Joan Clever.  She made 3 hot meals a day, stayed at home, cleaned everything, and seemed to perfectly happy.  I figured there was no way we would ever get along.  I was wrong.

The more serious my relationship with Hubby became, the more time I devoted to getting to know Dianne.  And guess what?  She was pretty normal, I even liked her.  The biggest jump came when Hubby and I moved to California.  Dianne was there.  She talked me through our move and listened to all my concerns.  She helped plan our wedding without taking over.  She came with us to pick out our new house.  She was there for my first doctors appointment when I found out I was pregnant and paced the halls while I was in labor.  She has held my hand through my recent miscarriages.  She has three children of her own and has room in her heart for me too (not to mention my sister and brother-in-law.)

Happy Mother’s Day Dianne!

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