Back from Florida

We made the trip tp and from Florida without any major mishaps and it was really fun.  The thought of flying with a toddler did not make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but Little Guy did great.  He slept part of the way, we read some books, and then we opened the BIG bag of snacks. 

On Monday we didn’t have much time after we arrived at the resort so we had dinner and ran around the great covered playground.  Tuesday we were up and out the door by 8:30 am on our way to Seaworld, which was a convient 5 minute walk from our resort.  We spent the day checking out the dolphins, penguins, polar bears, and we even had time to catch the dolphin show.  Little Guy cried through most of the dolphin show because it was so loud, but he really liked watching the macaws fly through the crowd.  After we made it back to the hotel we hung out at the pool.

Little Guy at the pool

Wednesday we headed to Animal Kingdom and I have to say to was a little disappointing.  Most of the animals were not visible and there was not a shaded area to be found.  They did have a nice kids play area that Little Guy loved and we had our pictures taken with Mickey, Minnie, Miss Bunny, and Goofy. 

On Thursday we went to Downtown Disney in the morning, back to the resort for a good long nap, then back to Seaworld in the evening.  At Seaworld we discovered a huge sandbox for the kids to play in and Little Guy spent an hour digging.  I think he may still have some sand in his shorts. 

Before we knew it out trip was over a we were on the plane ride home.

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