Vacation Prep

On Thursday Little Guy and I are leaving for spring vacation, we will spend Thursday thru Sunday at Grammy’s with Hubby.  On Monday Hubby goes home and we leave with Grammy, Aunt, and Cousins for Florida.  It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to get there.  All that being said I spent all day packing.  I am a list person, so to keep everything organized I made a list for each bag and I check items off as I put them in the bag.  I also bought a few things ahead of time so I don’t need to find a supermarket as soon as we arrive in Florida.  Snacks that don’t need refrigeration (goldfish, raisins, granola bars) are a smart pick because if you are staying in a tourist area groceries will be marked up, this goes for diapers too. 

Diaper Bag for the Plane:



empty sippy

baby trail mix (goldfish, raisins, graham crackers, Cheerios, and yogurt bites)

my wallet

Little Guy’s Birth certificate


lovie and paci


Our Suitcase:

7 outfits

2 sets PJ’s

2 pairs of shoes

2 bathing suits

2 jackets

5 pairs of socks


blanket & lovie

sound machine



 sun hat and sun glasses

Diapers & swim diapers

I think that about covers it and believe it or not I fit it all into 1 suitcase and it took me less than an hour because my list. 

We don’t have a definite schedule while we are there, but Seaworld and Animal Kingdom are on the list.  Mostly I just want to soak up some sun and enjoy the warm weather.  I will update  when we get back!

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