Working at Home- Update

Since my first post about starting my WAHM career I have not devoted as much time to it as I would have liked.  Being a WAHM is really hard.  I know, I know, no one said it would be easy.  So here are the facts:


Quicktate: Since March 1 I have devoted 1.5 hours to Quicktate and earned $2.87, not exactly a big pay check. 

Textbroker: Since March 1 I have written 8 articles and earned $21.08, not bad for a newbie.

ehow- I have not published another how to article since the beginning of the month, so far I have earned zero dollars.  I understand this is not uncommon so…. I guess I just have to wait and see.

Other WAHM projects:

Childcare- I watch 1 little boy occasionally which earned me $40.00 so far this month.

Horse training- Working 8 hours a week I have made $640.00 teaching lessons and training.

About $700.00 for the month is not bad.  Here is the problem… I would like to teach less and replace that income with cash from my writing.  In order to make that happen the plan for April is to MAKE more time to write.  How am I going to do that you ask?  Seeing as how there are only 24 hours in a day I need to steal time throughout the day.  I am bumping my wake up time from 6 am to 5am giving me 5 more hours a week to work.  I can add a few hours to my work week by turning off the TV; I don’t consider myself a big TV watcher, so instead of hitting the couch and zoning out I plan to work 2 nights a week adding 3 hours to my work week.  So with an additional 8 hours a week to work my goal is to earn $60 a week.  

Along with devoting more time I also applied with Break Studios and was accepted, which is great because they pay $8 per article.  My application is pending with Demand Studios and I submitted an article to be published or purchased on an epublishing site.  My WAHM future is looking bright.

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